"We are so confident of our program that we GUARANTEE that you will at least double your reading efficiency or your tuition is reimbursed — no questions asked!"

— Allan Goldin, President and Creator.

About Us

The Kinetic Mission

Kinetic Advanced Learning’s mission is to empower, train and teach students of all ages how to reach their reading, writing and studying goals with more efficiency and effectiveness then they have ever experienced before. With a rich history where over 46,000 students have been empowered with the “Power Reading Program” skills, KAL deeply believes in the potential of people. Knowledge is power. The more you know, the greater and more successful you can become. The more efficiently you read, the more potential you have in the classroom or in the workforce. We love to see people reach their goals and succeed.

The Kinetic History

Kinetic Advanced Learning, known solely as the “Power Reading Program”, has reached over 46,000 people in the last fifteen years. Creator and founder, Allan Goldin, former president and teacher of Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics for over fifteen years, has spent his lifetime dedicated to the success of his students. In 1992 a special program was created to help individuals read faster, comprehend more and recall with precision. It was called Power Reading because instead of reading as fast as they could talk, students could read as fast as the words passed through their mind. By eliminating auditory reassurance and sharpening focus, students could read up to 5 times faster than their previous rate. This skill is so powerful that it can be incorporated in everyday office or classroom activities.

Kinetic’s Power Reading Program has been taught to dozens of Public Schools, numerous college and university campuses including Northwestern University, DePaul, Loyola University, the University of Chicago and UIC, and has benefited top business professionals in Fortune 500 companies. Results are so amazing and unwavering that the Power Reading Program is GUARANTEED! The program is so educationally sound that Kinetic GUARANTEES the reimbursement of tuition if a student’s reading efficiency does not at least double! This GUARANTEE is a distinguishing factor and allows any student to try the program worry-free. Students of all ages and abilities have found that the amazing results of this powerful program changed the way they read and study forever.

What Makes Kinetic Different

Not only do we truly care about what we do, we truly BELIEVE in what we offer. Our coaches make the difference and our experience sets us apart. The skills we teach can change the entire academic or professional experience of our students. Our program helps students reach their goals while making time for all the important things in life—people, family, fun and enjoyment. The skills we teach unlock the abilities our students already have and our coaches take deep pride in the growth of each individual person. The student's success is Kinetic's success! For over fifteen years we have cared.

Our People

Allan Goldin: President/CEO

The Power Reading Program was developed by Allan B. Goldin, whose distinguished career in education spans four decades. Mr. Goldin spent more than 15 years with the Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics program in an association that began in 1965. Mr. Goldin, then a Chicago Public School high school teacher of general science, took the Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics course while studying for his master’s degree in child psychology. Struck by its far-reaching benefits to his teaching as well as his reading, he joined the company as a part-time instructor and in 1978 he became the president and owner of the Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Institute.

In this capacity Mr. Goldin traveled world-wide to offer reading-improvement seminars to leading educators, business people, professionals and others in the United States and abroad. In 1974 he helped bring the program to the Carter White House.

Mr. Goldin sold the Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Institute in 1981, assuming the presidency of the Super Learning Institute, a language-mastery program which allows students to master a foreign language without formal studying. The methodology of this program, which was developed in and taught throughout Eastern Europe, now has become widespread and is used worldwide.

In 1986 Mr. Goldin became president of Know How Corp., a company devoted to teaching computer literacy to individuals and corporations. Five years later he completed development of the POWER READING Program, introducing its unique set of skills and techniques designed to use the human brain more efficiently in all aspects of reading and studying. Today, Mr. Goldin is the president of Kinetic Advanced Learning where the POWER READING Program flourishes.

The POWER READING program has become a popular and effective program in Public Schools, colleges and universities and in corporate America. Mr. Goldin continues to develop programs that incorporate the POWER READING method while strategically bolstering study skills and test preparation. Mr. Goldin teaches, trains, inspires and manages Kinetic Advanced Learning.

Stacy Luchman: Director of Education

Mrs. Luchman is a 2004 alum of Teach For America, a non-profit educational initiative seeking top college graduates to dedicate two years to low income, underachieving students. Luchman served 6th-8th grade students in Louisburg, North Carolina where she raised grade-level achievement by two years. Identifying a gap in the way that Limited English Proficient students were being serviced, Luchman initiated a daily two hour after school program to teach English. This program required a tailored curriculum which she wrote and taught for two years, including fifty additional hours of summer school. Each grade level received a new structured curriculum customized to fit each student’s ability levels. This approach to building curriculum with a student centered approach effectively accelerated the learning process and allowed over 90% of ESL students to achieve an average of three years advancement per 300 hours of instruction.

After fulfilling her commitment to her students in North Carolina, Luchman returned to Chicago with a passion to continue to teach and develop curriculum. Mrs. Luchman has developed and written over 75 hours of instruction for 1st – 12th graders in reading and mathematics for a private tutoring company. This curriculum was written to foster learning in three modalities: visual, kinesthetic and auditory. Luchman developed a system of diagnosing, differentiating and assessing that is both user friendly and accessible.

Teaching and training teachers continues to be Luchman’s passion. After teaching the POWER READING program for two consecutive years and creating new study skills components, Luchman officially partnered with Mr. Goldin at Kinetic Advanced Learning. The match was a natural evolution to her goal of creating quality educational offerings for students and quality programming for dynamic individuals to teach. Today, Mrs. Luchman continues to write, revise and develop programs and course offerings while teaching and training instructors to deliver the unique Power Programs at Kinetic Advanced Learning.